Ottumwa, Iowa


Class: General
Effective: 2ØØ9-11-18
Expires: 2Ø19-11-17

Latitude: 41.024269 (41° 1' 27'' N)
Longitude: -92.408409 (92° 24' 30'' W)
Grid Square: EN31ta
US State: Iowa
Previous Callsign: KDØJCV
Born: 1979
GMT Offset: -6 hours

My Station

  • Transceivers

    Kenwood TS-2ØØØ - HF 1ØØW
    HeathKit SB104A
    Heathkit HW-8


    80-10 Meter Fan Di-Pole
    40M Vertical
    80M Horizontal Loop
    160 Meter Sloper & 750ft E/W Beverage
    TRAM1480 144/44ØMHz Dual Band Fiberglass Base Antenna


    Phone, CW, PSK-31, SSTV


Live HamShack Video

Live streaming video by Ustream



Iowa Amateur Radio TeamSpeak Network

  • Purpose

  • To provide a free open radio VOIP network to Amateur Radio Repeaters/Operators throuhout the state of Iowa. This network is to be used for traffic handeling, emergency communications and general amateur radio communications.
    This project is in BETA right now, and updates will be be available soon.

    Mon Sep 23 11:38:25 CDT 2013