EchoSkype is an Echolink add-on for interfacing Skype with Echolink. EchoSkype can be used to bridge Skype calls (PC-to-PC or PC-to-Phone) to an Echolink-Link or Echolink-Repeater.

DTMF Commands are used to control Skype. (Connecting and Disconnecting calls)


System Requirements

Echolink (SysOp mode)

Skype for Windows ver 4.0 or higher

VOX interface to radio (SignaLink recommended)



Application Installation

There is no installer, simply copy this addon to your EchoLInkinstallation folder.

example: c:/Progream Files/K1FRD/EchoLink/


EchoSkype ONLY runs in Sysop Mode. You must have a Echolink Link or Repeater.


Systems Settings


Ensure you set your Audio Recording Settings to Stereo Mix. Using the MIC or Line In will NOT work.
The first time you launch EchoSkype, Skype will reqest you authorize EchoSkype access to Skype.